Montessori care in your home


We offer a wide range of home and community support services which meets the requirements of Standards New Zealand. Scott Holland Healthcare is a fully certified home and community support company with quality service ethos at the heart of what we do.

We are pioneers of the Montessori care philosophy in New Zealand and aim to make a real point of difference to making your rights fully realized in the care process. We value your sense of independence. We believe in giving you choices and a chance at self expression at whatever stage of health condition you are at. We promote meaningful and purposeful activities. In fact, everything we do is so you can be given respect and dignity. This is what being a Montessori care partner is all about.




Service with you in mind

Home Care and companionship

Home care and Companionship

Maybe your circumstances have changed and you need someone who will see you through your newest phase of life.

In home rehabilitation support

In-home rehabilitation support

Health is a continuum process, and we will help you adapt to the changes until good health and well-being renews again.

working with residential care facilities

Working with residential care facilities

We believe that Teamwork is the key to giving quality care. Our staff has all the right ingredients to fit a team.

Other important services we provide

Palliative care icon

Palliative care

Scott Holland understands that the end-of life process is one fraught with apprehension, fear and sadness.

Holistic Care

Holistic Care

Holistic Care with spiritual re-connection through meditation, healing and mindfulness.

Memory Care

Montessori care principle

A first in New Zealand, bringing to life the worldwide proven Maria Montessori Care model for the elderly and clients with Dementia.

Nursing Candidates

Are you a registered nurse looking for employment? Scott Holland can help find the perfect position for you.

Professional Development

Are you an international nurse looking for a local job? Scott Holland can help educate and make the transition seamless.

Nursing Services

Let Scott Holland find the perfect applicant for your healthcare centre and take the hassle out of your application process.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Scott Holland will help you find the right role or the right healthcare professional.
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