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Personalized Care Packages

We recognize that your needs are different from others. so we have built customizable care packages which you can choose from to fully meet your individual needs.
Early morning support ​
Start your day with someone to assist you from the time you wake up until you are ready for the day. This is a flexible option for those who mainly needs assistance particularly in the morning throughout the week.
Evening support
This support is for those who needs someone to help with their evening routine, starting with preparing or setting up dinner, evening personal care and hygiene, toileting through to the time they are tucked into bed. Be reassured of someone to be there for you as you head for a goodnight’s rest.
If you prefer someone to keep you company and care for you throughout the night, we can arrange one of our caring staff to be with you as you sleep. They are highly trained to respond to any events in the night, as well as are able to provide support to you if you need assistance.
Stay-at- home (24 hour- support)
This is a total care package which essentially provides a wide-range of assistance for all your needs within a 24-hour period. You can specify the particulars of this comprehensive package within your personalized plan of care to make the most of this full-scale service.
Special cleaning day
General household cleaning at any time or day you prefer. Let us help you once a week to tidy up your place when it suits you. Sometimes this is all you need.
End-of-life Comfort care
The end-of life process is one of our specialty care service. We believe that as the life of our loved one is celebrated and cherished, its end is just as important in making the process as dignifying, comfortable and pain-free as possible. We offer holistic care service which involves any particular spiritual, religious or ritual that may be important to your loved one. We also offer touch therapy with essential oils that promotes tactile reassuring comfort and sensorial benefits during this time. We believe that this is one of the highest act of commemoration anyone can do to their loved ones. We will work closely with you into how this can be achieved.
Touch therapy through Comfort touch
An offer early next year
Holistic Care
Holistic Care with Spiritual re-connection through meditation, healing, and mindfulness. The subject of spirituality is not for everyone but if you are one who has some interest, belief or is open minded to explore this dimension of health and well-being, we will connect you to the right people who are fully trained and certified in facilitating alternative healing modalities such as Reiki, meditation, and mindfulness.
Montessori care
A first in New Zealand, bringing to life the worldwide proven Maria Montessori Care model for the elderly and clients with Dementia. The Montessori model of care promises to gain full client engagement through its simple humanistic approach based on the values of respect, equality and dignity. It is all about you!

Shared goals of care

We provide reliable premium home care service with our clients in mind. Our values are that of nursing at its core – compassion, competency, and how they are expressed to you at any time of need.

Our process starts with a comprehensive personalized assessment based on your medical condition, lifestyle, and preferences. We will then discuss together a plan of care that is customized to your individual needs. Our main consideration is essentially that you retain independence, develop alternative ways to enhance your lifestyle and enjoy quality of life.

Some of these are government-funded and comes at no cost to you. Alternatively, you may also arrange with us your most cost-effective option if you are paying privately.