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Scott Holland believes that the standards of nursing in New Zealand are amongst the best in the world. Our practices are based on proven best practice standards and safety is the primary goal of our healthcare service. The Nursing Council of New Zealand states their competency requirements, and they must be strictly adhered to by every Registered nurse.

Scott Holland believes in the promotion of these set standards, and they are the minimum expectations for all our Registered nurses. We adhere to the nursing process and are fully versed with the mandatory industry-specific practices. Most of all, our nurses have the heart and soul to provide care to the sick and vulnerable in the community.


Get in touch with us if you are a qualified nurse from a country outside of New Zealand and would like to know how to gain registration to live and work in New Zealand. Aside from the opportunities that will change your life for the better, we provide paramount support having had first-hand knowledge and experience in this self-rewarding journey. Scott Holland provides an in-house induction process which highlights how you can make the transition to New Zealand an enjoyable and memorable process.


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Professional development

Not everyone can be a nurse. Otherwise, there would be heroes everywhere!


It’s not easy being a nurse. That’s why it’s not for everyone. At Scott Holland, we begin by choosing the right people to do the extraordinary things that nurses do. We then provide them with a supportive working environment to allow them to flourish and grow. The end-goal is that only those connected to their purpose in life will have sustained commitment and dedication to a profession that  not everyone is cut out for.


We are proudly EOE- Equal Opportunity Employers.


This means all staff will be treated the same regardless of their age, race, gender or background. They will be supported in their career growth and their potential to be leaders themselves to others as part of their career pathway development.

With the support and partnership from outstanding New Zealand skills development organizations, you will not only achieve your level certificates but will be equipped to deliver outstanding quality care from which you will gain personal satisfaction throughout the years.



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