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Montessori is not just for the education of our children. Montessori is a philosophical way of life that can make a real point of difference at each stage of our lives. Maria Torres, Registered Nurse and Managing Director of Scott Holland Healthcare, discovered that the Montessori model of care for the elderly and persons with dementia was making an extremely positive impact in the way care is delivered to the elderly in Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia.

Maria began to take interest in how its application would benefit the elderly in New Zealand healthcare settings and at home. She discovered something phenomenal and decided to be a part of this growing world-wide movement. Maria aims to provide home care that is based on the principles of the Montessori model of care. The essential essence of the Montessori model for seniors and those with dementia, promotes independence in a real and palpable manner, giving everyone a sense of purpose and meaning in life despite health challenges associated with the ageing process.

As Montessori is associated with childhood and adolescence education, the initial question Maria pondered was how the model would be applied to the elderly and whether seniors and persons with dementia would be treated with dignity. Maria is a strong advocate of client’s rights and is focussed on the Health and Disability Code of Rights in Aotearoa New Zealand which enables dignity and a strong sense of self-actualisation when receiving any healthcare service. The unifying factor in the Montessori programme is a set of core values central to the Montessori philosophy— respect, dignity, and equality for all human beings. Montessori treated children as people. The Montessori model of care sees the person within a person with dementia. Just as Dr. Montessori revolutionised education for children by providing choices within prepared environments, the same approach can revolutionise the way healthcare providers work with the elderly and persons with dementia. This is achieved by creating materials and environments that allow accomplishment and a sense of purpose. Montessori demonstrated this by focusing on what a child was capable of doing by instilling both independence and the ability to work collaboratively in her students.

“The unifying factor in the Montessori programme is a set of core values central to the Montessori philosophy – respect, dignity, and equality for all human beings. Just as Dr. Montessori revolutionised education for children, the same approach can revolutionise the way healthcare providers work with the elderly and persons with dementia.”

The Montessori method applied to seniors and care of persons with dementia emphasises the use of and stimulation of remaining capabilities by enabling the ability to improve with practice and gaining some independence to engage in purposeful and meaningful activities. Social roles within a community connected to the larger world are thereby endorsed. The Montessori philosophy for seniors is uplifting and so inspiring and wellworth developing in Aotearoa New Zealand. This programme has the ability to make a huge difference in the care of seniors and persons with dementia. Scott Holland Healthcare was inaugurated in January 2020 and has the aspiration and dream of “Bringing excellence home” and providing innovative care in New Zealand.

“Everyone deserves care that values their worth, as well as access to opportunities to improve and learn. Every human being deserves to flourish and be happy at every stage of their life. May we be a part of making unbelievable miracles happen in the day-to-day lives of the people we are privileged enough to be of service to in this lifetime.” – Maria Torres

Scott Holland Healthcare is a corporate affiliate of the International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners and is certified by Dr. Cameron Camp who is a Gerontologist, a Psychologist, and the Director of CARD (Centre for Applied Research in Dementia). He is the original researcher of the application of the Montessori approach in the care of the elderly and persons with dementia. His programme spans 30 years of evidence-based solutions and proven results which are published in credible publications worldwide. Scott Holland is proud to be a recognised affiliate of the leading proponent in this industry. More than anything, Scott Holland is grateful to be part of a new phenomenon, a movement that is being adapted in many countries whose values deeply resonate to the humanitarian aspects of care. For the staff at Scott Holland, there is no greater joy than serving the community. As care providers the greatest lesson we acknowledge is that whenever a person with memory loss expresses themselves through their behaviours, they are not considered “challenging behaviours.” They are merely responding to an unmet human need. We as care partners have the responsibility to help our clients meet those unmet needs.

“Help those who are in search of activities and cannot find it.”

Maria Montessori

“Human beings need to do things. It is a human thing not a dementia thing.”

Dr. Cameron Camp