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A first in New Zealand, bringing to life the worldwide proven Maria Montessori Care model for the elderly and clients with Dementia. The Montessori model of care promises to gain full client engagement through its humanistic approach based on the values of respect, dignity and equality.

Scott Holland


Many people struggle at the thought of losing their independence. Our care is based on the Montessori care principle which encourages the use of client's abilities and capabilities. This will make them feel as independent as possible and reassured that help is there when required.

Memory Care

We specialize in Memory Care as we are pioneers to the Maria Montessori care for the elderly and persons with Dementia. The team, as your care partners, are all certified Montessori Dementia Care Professionals.

Bringing excellence home.

Professional Development

A company led by Registered Nurses, caring people with real experiences when it comes to face-to-face care. We are committed to building a team of highly qualified, quality focused individuals who are dedicated to their personal growth and development.


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